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Berry Breakfast Tartlettes by @vegamelon

There aren’t a lot of things that I love more than breakfast, except getting to eat/create breakfast with one of my very best friends, Alex Beverly. These tartlettes are basically popsicles wrapped in an oatmeal crust, and are gluten-free, EASY, naturally sweetened, filled with healthy fats, and will get you excited for SUMMER with their creamy texture plus vibrant color. They are beautiful, delicious, & filled with good-for-you nutrients.

BernhardBody Tips ❇️We used 1 whole Cup of gluten free oats ❇️Before freezing bananas, be sure to peel in advance for easier use ❇️You can play with using any kind of nut butter or plant based milk ❇️We sprayed muffin tins with 🥥 oil ❇️Double the recipe because well, they will be gone FAST

What is your absolute favorite weekend breakfast?

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