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Why Push Ups Matter

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

One of the performance goals I continue to hear my clients request is the ability to crank out full push ups. What most people tend to forget is that 'upper body' strength is not what they are desiring, but rather core stability that enables our bodies to achieve a push up.

Many think push ups are the key to upper body definition/strength, but in reality they are a trunk stability movement that carve your abs better than any single crunch could accomplish.

The #1 performance goal I receive from my clients is "I want to do 'x' amount of push ups". Epic core results is the 'why', now see the 'how' no matter if today is your first workout or you're an elite athlete.

Push Up Regressions

1. Push Up on your knees off of a bench

2. Push Up on your knees

3. Push Up off of a bench

4. Push Up on your toes

5. Push Up with your toes on a bench

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